Cornerstone Merchandising Solutions

Why outsource?

To grow and maximise your sales and brand awareness, outsource to Cornerstone Merchandising Solutions and harness the services of a professional salesforce right across Australia and New Zealand. This will bring you tremendous advantages such as:

  • A more cost-effective sales organisation with inefficiencies minimised and fixed costs spread across more than one client
  • Increased frequency of customer contact over a dedicated, single company team
  • Strong personal relationships and representation at head office level
  • The shared experience of a group of dedicated hardware professionals with years of knowledge of the industry
  • Achievement of a wider geographic coverage than would be economically viable for many single manufacturer/distributor companies
  • Representation for international companies wishing to access local markets across Australia and New Zealand
  • With over 20 years of experience representing blue chip clients, Cornerstone is the leading provider of national representation in Australian and New Zealand hardware retail channels. Find out why we’re one of the best.

By outsourcing your sales and merchandising requirements to Cornerstone Merchandising Solutions, you will have more time to concentrate on other areas of strength within your business such as manufacturing, distribution and marketing.

A Cornerstone Merchandising Solutions representative in a hardware store

Why do I need a rep force?

To make the most of the retail ranging you’ve achieved, it’s crucial your products are kept in stock, merchandised correctly and that the store staff are confident and enthusiastic in both the product and the service they themselves receive. Find out how our suite of services can achieve this and more for you.

Can I build my own team?

By all means! Many organisations find the costs involved in achieving the same level of coverage and service becomes prohibitive. With the option of a shared or dedicated salesforce, we can tailor a package to suit most budgets.

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