Cornerstone Merchandising Solutions

The Cornerstone advantage

We know what we do, and we do it well. Our clients benefit from our skill, professionalism and effort.

Since its inception in 1985, Cornerstone Merchandising Solutions has focussed on servicing hardware. Today, we remain true to our roots. Hardware is different to department stores or grocery, with a particular set of skills and expertise required to properly service a client. Because we know our area of expertise, we’ve become very good at it.

That’s the Cornerstone advantage. But we are far from a one-trick pony.

Hardware is all we think about

Our people know hardware. They think about it and they love it. We know what we do and we’re dedicated to delivering the best service for our clients.

Know what you’re getting, get what you need

We commit to a service level. We deliver. Our staff are all employees, not contractors – we’re all hardware experts and dependable.

Your success is our incentive

We’re a commission-driven organisation, so your sales matter to us.

Hardware is diverse – we love it

Timber to plumbing, garden to housewares. A hardware store is a treasure-trove of the weird and wonderful. Daunting for the inexperienced, but a home away from home for those who love it.

Our staff is your advantage

We have state managers spread across Australia, each with a team of experienced, professional territory managers working with them. Our reporting and communication model is designed to deliver great feedback regardless of location.

A relationship that scales with your business

We have the ability to combine your tasks with others in a shared sales force model to deliver excellent value, or can dedicate a team of professionals to your products alone. A range of additional services means our flexibility delivers the service you need as you grow. Read about some of our relationships in these case studies.

Regular reporting

Set our team-specific tasks and receive regular reports, photos and data insights. Our teams are equipped with smartphones to ensure our communication, accountability and feedback is comprehensive, nationwide.

Get the advantage

Contact Cornerstone today and take advantage of our expertise to build your brands and your business.