Cornerstone Merchandising Solutions

Brisbane and Queensland hardware merchandising

At Cornerstone Merchandising Solutions, we have a team of enthusiastic merchandisers in Brisbane and Queensland ready to service your essential hardware retailing needs. If you have a product that is ranged locally, nationally or internationally, Cornerstone is here to help.

Established in 1985, Cornerstone Merchandising Solutions is a specialised sales and merchandising company providing retailing services to the Australian and New Zealand hardware industry on behalf of a variety of clients. We are constantly working hard at store level for our clients to achieve outstanding sales results and providing valuable assistance to their business.

Cornerstone merchandisers for Brisbane and Queelnsland

Photo by Stuart Edwards (CC BY)

We have the functionality to provide you with either a shared or dedicated salesforce in one or a number of hardware specialists and mass-merchants in Brisbane, around Queensland, and nationally across Australia. We specialise in the introduction of new products to the Australian and New Zealand hardware market from international sources, and provide close ties to warehousing and distribution services.

From the tropics to the great south-east

Being experts in retail, we know how crucial it is that your products are always presented in the best possible light in every store. From up at Cairns to down at Coolangatta, the Cornerstone merchandising teams will keep your range in-stock, merchandised correctly, and store staff kept confident and enthusiastic about your products and your service.

Are you a business with a range of products that needs distribution and merchandising in Brisbane and Queensland? Contact us so you can take advantage of our expertise.